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Sunerdes supplies Sunda collector tubes which are developed in collaboration with DASA (Daimler- Benz Aerospace later DaimlerChrysler Aerospace).

The collector tubes modules consist of 16 collector tubes, manifold and mounting materials. See the picture below for the collector tube.


The collector tube is a heat pipe within a glass tube. Inside the glass tube is a vacuum of 10-5 mbar, which gives the high efficiency of this system. On this heat pipe is an absorber connected which transfers as much heat as possible to to the heat pipe. The heat pipe contains a gas which is heated up. Because the module is under an angle, the heated gas raises to the top. Now the tip of the condensor heats up and is inserted in the manifold. The liquid that flows through the manifold will be heated up-to 100 degree Celsius. The maximum tip temperature is 247 degree Celsius.


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